Let’s talk about branding

The English term “brand” – from which “branding” derives – comes from a Scandinavian Germanic root whose meaning was “to mark with fire“. We can talk about brand when literally “mark” an animal to identify its owner, but we also use this term when we talk about the attributes of a product, service or organisation that leave a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind.

A brand is a promise of satisfaction, lifestyle, is a sign, a metaphor that operates as a tacit contract between a company and its customers, the synthesis of the organisation’s identity and positioning. A brand is a synonym of notoriety, prestige and personality.

A powerful brand is built upon and through the association of values, those that reside in the minds of our customers and those which define our philosophy, storytelling and actions. Branding strengthens a good reputation, fosters loyalty and a sense of belonging. The strongest brands occupy a well-defined position rooted in people’s mind.

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