Following my interest in creativity, design and play in work organisations, I became in Lego® Serious Play® certified facilitator. This methodology is particularly powerful to help companies, businesses and individuals to get a deep understanding about their current situation and potential future development. Lego® Serious Play® is a fantastic alternative to break habitual thinking allowing us to open and explore new and divergent worlds.


Lego® Serious Play® is a methodology which encourages communication, problem-solving, and divergent thinking in organisations, teams, and individuals to enhance creativity, innovation and business or personal performance.

Lego® Serious Play® allows breaking habitual reasoning helping participants to change their thinking patterns looking for new approaches and solutions, producing deep and meaningful insights. The focus of the methodology is not centred on the bricks; it is on the story they create; thus, the brick becomes in a metaphor which leads to rich and insightful storytelling. These are powerful tools to reflect on reality in new and meaningful perspectives.

By unleashing imagination, participants describe past, present and future worlds as they perceive and understand it, finding new connections that might challenge assumptions and beliefs, revealing new and exciting possibilities.


In an established and safe space away from rigid and constraining organisational or personal structures, participants feel free to experiment, explore and nurture their curiosity. Therefore, playing with Lego® bricks, teams and individuals can harvest insights and unlock ideas and thoughts which can lead to new and useful approaches, new understandings, reflect on complex topics which might be difficult to communicate by traditional ways, or initiate change and improvement within the organisation or personal life. 

To sum up, Lego® Serious Play® is about solving complex questions building models with bricks. The metaphor and storytelling serve as the spark to ignite collective discussion, idea sharing and problem-solving.

Through Lego® Serious Play® all participants share ideas, thoughts and understanding in a safe space and in equal conditions encouraging dialogue, discussion and to work towards meaningful solutions and insights.


I design, plan and deliver Lego® Serious Play® workshops tailored to your needs. I have conducted playful experiences with professional teams and students across different levels allowing participants to reflect on topics as teamwork, identity, play in the workplace, challenges and future aspirations. Give it a try!

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